Evidence portfolio for FORMAT International Photography Festival




1) Evidence 1. The power of beauty is magic. No man or other power can kill it or stop it.


2) Evidence 2. Look twice or life exists everywhere. You are never alone.


3) Evidence 3. Coincidence or being in the right place at the right moment. (That very moment when I was taking a portrait the rain drop landed on the glasses and it made a perfect finishing.)


4) Evidence 4. Curiosity or call for life. Curiosity can be stronger than life. Ask the butterfly.


5) Evidence 5. Truth is undeniable. The more You deny it, more obvious and clear it becomes.


6) Evidence 6. History is not the shadow of the past . We are the history, we live it and we do not need the Time Machine to travel it.


7) Evidence 7. Secondary and primary. Doesn´t matter which one is brighter at this very moment, because the primary always stands first.


8) Evidence 8. Evidence is not possible without observers. There is at least one evidence if there is at least one observer. Two observers =2 evidence.


9) Evidence 9. Observing is like an act or a ritual and can be more important than the happening itself.


10) Evidence 10. If You are observing someone, someone is  observing You!

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