We have been talking for a while with Bahar Pars. Yes, the famous actress and film director Bahar, about taking some images… This July I took some photograps of Bahar, wearing some fashion pieces. Location was the surroundings we are both out and around everyday in SoFo, Södermalm. Amazing to work with creatives.Some images were shown in September at Toni&Guy Academy premises mini Exhibition of mine… Some comes here. Enjoy:

Images available as well through So Photo Agency.

Before the final fix

Images coming from L’Orèal Professionnel event, while working with Elias Antonios and Simon Raby in Umeå, Sweden.

Images takes before the final styling on the stage.

12 Models and approximately 7 hours of work.

Haircolour by : Elias Antonios, L’Oréal  Professionnel

Haircut: Simon Raby,  L’Oréal  Professionnel/ Toni&Guy Academy

Haircolour by: L’Oréal  Pro Colourful Hair

Photos: Justina Rosengren

( no usage are available without written approval).

For more images follow the link:

Ana and Simon May, 2018 Stockholm

Ana & Simon

Simon, Ana and their daughter.


Just few of my favourite pictures from the wedding day of Ana and Simon. They have married in Stockholm on the 26th of May, 2018. For more photos follow the link or choose Weddings from the main menu.


Ana & Simon

Wedding day: Stella


Ana & Simon

Wedding day

Ana & Simon

Wedding day

L’Oréal Pro Colourful Hair Preparations/Umeå

In November 2017,  I have been working with  L’Oréal  Professionnel Team: Elias Antonios and Simon Raby in Umeå, Sweden.

12 Models in Approx 7 hours. Here come just a small part of the process images.

Haircolour by : Elias Antonios, L’Oréal  Professionnel

Haircut: Simon Raby,  L’Oréal  Professionnel

Haircolour by: L’Oréal  Pro Colourful Hair

Photos: Justina Rosengren

( no usage are available without written approval).


As #throwbackthrusaday comes quite fresh set of images done for Portfolio with Kristupas. Love working outside studio and play with the  natural light, use flash and reflectors at the same time as well.

Model: Kristupas B., HMU: Catherine Lehtonen, Photografer: Justina Rosengren

Bahar Pars: the portrait from film presentation A MAN CALLED OVE

The portrait of talented and beautiful actress and film director Bahar Pars. The portrait from film presentation A MAN CALLED OVE , (En man som heter Ove) at Filmhuset, Stockholm August 2015. (c) Justina Rosengren. Represented by So Photo Agency, Stockholm & Camera Press, London.

Retro smile

GENTLEMEN: Mikael Marcimain, Klas Östergren, Sverrir Gudnason.

Its just 3 hours left till the start of Stockholm Film Festival. Stockholm eyes will see so many good movies this year again.

Today the Festival starts with the movie Gentelmen. The Europien Premiere in Skandia.

Its is a bit special for me because it was filmed in my hometown Vilnius. Probably it will be hard to recognize my little native city in there, but I am so So SO eager to see it.

Some portrait pictures to my portfolio from the movie presentation during Swedish Film Autumn 2014 in Svenska Filminstitutet, Stockholm, on the 18th of  August, 2014.

And wish You a lot of great movies!!!



Svenska filmhosten 2014


Svenska filmhosten 2014


Svenska filmhosten 2014

Minna P, Warm Pastels

Model: Minna P/Stockholmsgruppen
Makeup/hair: Filippa Smedhagen/Mikas Looks
Styling: Nils Magnusson

Minna P, Warm Pastels-1-3



Minna P, Warm Pastels-1


Minna P, Warm Pastels-3


Minna P, Warm Pastels-4


Minna P, Warm Pastels-5


Minna P, Warm Pastels-6

Iza A, From the Sky to the Green

Model: Iza A/Mikas
Makeup/hair:  Filippa Smedhagen/Mikas Looks
Styling: Nils Magnusson

Iza A, From The Sky to the Leaves-2


Iza A, From The Sky to the Leaves-3


Iza A, From The Sky to the Leaves-1

Iza A, From The Sky to the Leaves-6

Iza A, From The Sky to the Leaves-5


Iza A, From The Sky to the Leaves-4

Elin K, Black and Red

Model: Elin K/Stockholmsgruppen
Makeup/hair: Filippa Smedhagen/Mikas Looks
Styling:  Nils Magnusson

Elin K-Stockholmsgruppen rött tyll-4

Elin K-Stockholmsgruppen rött tyll-1

Elin K-Stockholmsgruppen rött tyll-3  Elin K-Stockholmsgruppen rött tyll-2

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry was performing at Waterfront, Stockholm on the 29th of October, 2014. The hall was full of people and more  than once public was standing up and keeping on feet during the whole songs with ovations.  Let´s Stick Together,  Slave to Love ….


Bryan Ferry Bryan Ferry Bryan Ferry

John Legend – The All of Me Tour

John Legend was playing at Ericsson  Globen arena, Stockholm, Sweden this Monday (October 20, 2014). This time photographers got the place just 20 meters away from the scene. Press reviews were not flattering  John Legend, though I think he was good. If You never listened to him do it.  You can find a lot of his music to  listen on Spotify.

John Legend  John Legend

John Legend

Evidence portfolio for FORMAT International Photography Festival




1) Evidence 1. The power of beauty is magic. No man or other power can kill it or stop it.


2) Evidence 2. Look twice or life exists everywhere. You are never alone.


3) Evidence 3. Coincidence or being in the right place at the right moment. (That very moment when I was taking a portrait the rain drop landed on the glasses and it made a perfect finishing.)


4) Evidence 4. Curiosity or call for life. Curiosity can be stronger than life. Ask the butterfly.


5) Evidence 5. Truth is undeniable. The more You deny it, more obvious and clear it becomes.


6) Evidence 6. History is not the shadow of the past . We are the history, we live it and we do not need the Time Machine to travel it.


7) Evidence 7. Secondary and primary. Doesn´t matter which one is brighter at this very moment, because the primary always stands first.


8) Evidence 8. Evidence is not possible without observers. There is at least one evidence if there is at least one observer. Two observers =2 evidence.


9) Evidence 9. Observing is like an act or a ritual and can be more important than the happening itself.


10) Evidence 10. If You are observing someone, someone is  observing You!

Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria PompeiiToday Stockholm  was blessed with one more wonderful sunny autumn day and opening of the exquisite  ‘Pompeii’ exhibition in Millesgården Art Gallery, Lidingö.  The official opening was attended by Crown Princess Victoria herself  who made the opening even more special. Many other high range guests were attending there as well. The exhibition POMPEII is open for the public from the 20th of September 2014 to the 18th of May, 2015. And YES the real pieces of POMPEII is actually there. I think I will go there not once next year and this year, just because Millesgården is a special place as well. More about exhibition You can reed here

Crown Princess Victoria Pompeii